Loreal Smoothening

Loreal Smoothening

Hair Smoothening Treatment

Are you unable to manage frizzy hair? Get long-lasting straight, smooth, and shining hair smoothening treatment with us. Experience the miraculous experience of quality hair treatment at A-One Beauty Salon.

Planning to meet someone special? Have a wedding to attend? Or going on a vacation? Try out our Loreal Hair Smoothing Treatment to get a super makeover. It is the time to get rid of your damaged, wavy & curly hair in no time with our hair smoothening services.

Hair smoothening is a technique of turning dry & damaged hair into a sleek & straight manner and reducing the roughness of your hair. It is an excellent technique to give shine and healthy appearance to your hair.

A-One Beauty Salon offers 2 types of Loreal Hair Smoothing Treatments to our clients which can turn their usual day into a good hair day!

1) Loreal Xtenso Care Shampoo

The nutrients in this shampoo help in cleansing the scalp. The easy pump and flip-top dispenser makes it easier for you to lather it on your wet hands in the shower. Using one pump of shampoo on your non-oily hair can nourish & enhance the hair smoothening treatment.

2) Loreal Xtenso Care Masque

This hair masque helps to keep hair soft and strong for a long time. Using Loreal products can keep the Loreal Smoothening treatment intact for a longer period of time. The properties in the masque enhance the quality of your hair; they help to repair hair and add to their beauty.

We believe in providing extensive salon services that include makeup, all beauty services and hair makeovers as well. Our commitment to treating the client with the best information & building long-term relationships helps to achieve our goals aimlessly.

Loreal Hair Smoothing Treatment
Loreal Hair Smoothing Treatment

Benefits of Loreal Hair Smoothening Treatment

  • Getting a hair smoothening treatment will help in regaining the smoothness & control the dry & frizzy nature of your hair.
  • It will be easier for you to style your hair with less efforts.
  • The chemicals used will help in the restoration of your damaged scalp and hair.

Hair smoothening is an exclusive way to achieve that sleek look. It will only be advantageous if you follow the instructions given by the expert and consider them every time you deal with your hair.

Smoothened hair will remain as it is only if you avoid wetting your hair after the treatment & also prevent the use of any heating equipment.

It is a technique used to prevent frizzy hair & set your hair in a straight manner.

It lasts up to a maximum of 6 months only if you take care of all the instructions.

It is advisable to get the treatment done once every 2 years, to avoid irreversible damage caused by the chemicals.