Skin Beauty Parlour

Skin Beauty Parlour

Skin Care Salon

Every female deserves to have flawless and radiant skin. A-One Beauty Salon provides all skin care salon services to women. We offer a complete range of beauty services from hair, makeup, and nails to skin care services.

Our experienced team provides skin care services that include threading, traditional waxing, regular waxing and Rica waxing. Apart from these services, we provide facial treatments & d-tan therapy beauty treatments at our skin beauty parlour. 

Skin care services at A-One Beauty Salon

D-Tan Therapy:a skin care therapy that helps in reducing the darkness & dryness of your skin on your face and body. It usually helps in evening out the skin tone and maintains an even texture of your skin all over the body. This therapy is mostly used by women at our salon. 

Waxing:our waxing professionals offer traditional waxing that is done with honey and helps in the removal of unwanted hair on your body. However, Rica waxing is a different method of waxing that is painless and gives smooth and even skin afterward.

Threading: to get a fresh & young look, women often get their eyebrows and upper lips threaded to remove unwanted hair. It prevents growth of uneven & thick hair and also reduces the growth if got done regularly.

Facial treatment:At A-One Beauty Salon, facial treatments are offered to women and are priced at different levels depending on the price of the products. The treatment also reduces darkness and spots on the face & makes it look beautiful.

Our range of services offered at the skin beauty parlour is performed by highly experienced professionals. The professionals provide maximum support and guidance required at all times to the clients. 

However, to get these beauty treatments for your skin, it is equally important to take good care of your skin. 

Including skincare as a part of a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis is worth the time and energy. Making correct & healthy choices and also having a daily skincare routine will help you look your best. At A-One Beauty Salon, we not only provide the right choices for your beauty treatments but also guide you with tips on taking care of your skin. 

So what are you waiting for? Looking for the best skin care services? Visit A-One Beauty Salon in Ahmedabad to meet all your demands. 

Services like waxing, threading & d-tan therapy for women are offered at A-One Beauty Salon.

Visit us or book an appointment with us on our website or directly call us to book a spot for yourself.  

It lasts up to a maximum of 6 months only if you take care of all the instructions.

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